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RefComm, the respected developer of refinery trade shows (, is expanding its media presence to cover all aspects important to the profitable operation of a refinery enterprise, brought into daily focus by way of the upgraded Refinery Operations website.

In the interest of capturing the industry’s dynamic and diverse activities, the website’s subject matter is organized and archived based on a taxonomy that delivers efficiency and value to busy refining professionals drowning in a sea of data but still thirsting for actionable information.

The operational, processing, maintenance, automation, environmental, safety and asset maintenance programs important to the profitable operation of a refinery are brought into focus in Refcomm’s Refinery Operations. In the interest of subject diversity, daily updates to the website’s editorial covers all areas of the refinery including the following:

Each of these subject areas are “cycled” Refinery Operations, so that each subject matter category is updated at least once per week (e.g., at least four topics per month on cat cracking). In addition, for distribution at major trade shows and direct delivery to the world’s 635+ refineries, RefComm and Refinery Operations are publishing quarterly special reports in 2015/2016, including:

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Posted by: Rene Gonzalez

Rene G Gonzalez is the Director for and contributing editor for As a chemical engineer (Texas A&M University: 1982), Gonzalez has worked in various engineering capacities throughout the energy industry value chain, primarily in refinery processing and operations.

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